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Driving Revenue Growth through Data SSOT (Single Source of Truth)

The client is a large-scale producer of flavours, fragrances, cosmetic actives, and pharma chemicals, amongst others, that is marketed globally. They are headquartered in New York City with creative, sales, and manufacturing facilities in 44 different countries. They supply the food and beverage, fragrance, home and personal care, and health and wellness end markets with innovative solutions that allow them to create the products consumers know and love. The business goal was to drive additional revenue from their top 25 customers. After analyzing their processes, our practitioners discovered that account/client managers had a relationship driven sales process, and were not equipped with knowledge across business units and lacked understanding of products. They also had multiple constraints such as restrictions to sell specific products in specific geographies. Besides some products were customized to specific customers and could not be sold to others. Altimetrik created a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) and enabled insights for cross sell and upsell using machine learning algorithms considering product attributes, market data, sales, constraints of geographies as well as customer spend capacity. These actionable insights were validated and made easy to consume through a user-friendly dashboard.
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