Redefining the way the world creates digital products!

Calibo offers industry-first platforms to simplify and accelerate end-to-end ideation to productization. Our goal is to enable business and technology teams to ideate, collaborate, develop and launch cutting-edge digital and data products leveraging our product offerings to deliver enhanced business value.

With great pleasure, Calibo announces the joining of Scott Sandschafer our CEO from 19 April 2021. We welcome Scott and look forward to reaching new heights under his strong leadership!

Introducing LAZSA

Integrated Business Digital Platform is a state-of-the-art platform that accelerates the various stages of your digital innovation journey to help you deliver digital solutions quickly and in a unified manner:
  • Reimagine Technology as a Business Driver by providing digital solutions for tech driven business models.

  • Reinvent Process and Delivery Strategy with a unified tool stack and agile processes.

  • Future-proof your technology foundation with an open and flexible digital platform.

Product Highlights

Fully Managed Collaborative Platform for Business & Technology teams


Centralized Governance


Marketplace for reusable digital assets


Unified Process, Security, Data, Experience

Our Pledge to Customers

upto 20%
Productivity Gain 
  • Fully managed Digital Ecosystem to accelerate development

  • Improved collaboration between business and technology teams 

  • Productivity & Quality metrices for continuous improvement

upto 25%
Faster Time to Market
  • Innovation & experimentation through faster POC

  • Ready-to-use digital environment, tech-stacks
    and tools 

  • Marketplace for reusable digital components and toolkits

Collaboration and
Digital Experience 
  • Unified Process & experience

  • No Digital Silos. One Platform for all stakeholders. 

  • Best-in-class Governance & Security Standards 


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