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Gartner mentions Calibo in the 2022 ‘Innovation Insight for Internal Developer Portals’ report

Gartner mentions Calibo in the 2022 ‘Innovation Insight for Internal Developer Portals’ report

In the 2022 Innovation Insight for Internal Developer Portals research report, Gartner mentions Calibo as a Representative Provider.

In today’s digitally driven business environment, modern enterprises want to stay competitive and deliver customer value through innovative software solutions with speed at scale. Developers are at the centerstage of the digital game. However, there are inherent bottlenecks that hamper developers’ productivity and experience.

According to the Gartner report:

Most organizations use a complex collection of platforms, tools and frameworks across different layers of the technology stack. This internal maze of technologies creates unnecessary overhead, duplicates effort and hurts developer productivity. As a result, developers end up doing nonessential work to manage the overhead.” 1

To win the digital game, enterprises must focus on enhancing developer productivity and experience. This can be achieved by simplifying the software delivery life cycle. A self-service development platform is an emerging way to seamlessly address the bottlenecks in the concept-to-customer-value journey of software.

According to the Gartner report:

“By 2025, 75% of organizations with platform teams will provide self-service developer portals to improve developer experience and accelerate product innovation.” 1

The good news is, enterprises do not have to spend time and effort building a self-service development platform for their development teams. They can leverage the ready-to-use self-service development platforms like Calibo’s Calibo Platform. Such platforms enable enterprises to enhance the developer experience, streamline software delivery, and accelerate end-to-end product development.

Early adopters of self-service development platforms will certainly have an edge over competition.

Calibo has been listed in the 10 Representative Providers in the report.

This report has been created by the Gartner analysts Manjunath Bhat, Mark O’Neill, and Oleksandr Matvitskyy.

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