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Self-Service Development Platform

The Industry-First, Fully Integrated, Self-Service Development Platform to Drive your End-to-End Digital and Data Product Development Process…


Product Release Orchestration (PRO)

Simplify your digital portfolio and product lifecycle management with unified process, visibility, and performance metrics!

  • Align your digital portfolio and product roadmap to meet organizational objectives.
  • Plan releases and manage dependencies to orchestrate releases using workflows.
  • Gain complete visibility into bottlenecks in the PDLC using Value Stream Map (VSM).
  • Gain insights across portfolios, products, and performance metrics through dashboards.
  • Get complete traceability of various stages from ideation to deployment.
  • Monitor product maturity through assessment framework and dependency chart.
  • Enforce best practices and workflows using policy templates.

Data Intelligence Studio (DIS)

Unravel the magic you can create with data using technologies of your choice!

  • The ‘Ingest to insights’ journey of your raw, complex data using data pipelines, automated processes, and templates.
  • Integrate with your existing toolchain e.g. Databricks, Snowflake, Hadoop, QlikSense, Jupyter and many more.
  • DataOps to develop, test, promote, and deploy data pipelines through multiple stages.
  • Data security, compliance, and governance to ensure availability and security of data.
  • Robust MLOps to rapidly build, train, deploy, and monitor machine learning models.
  • Empower data scientists to jumpstart using out-of-the-box AI/ML models and algorithms.

Integrated DevSecOps Platform (IDP)

Increase product security without losing release velocity!

  • Accelerate releases by automating repetitive activities across PDLC.
  • Integrate with your existing toolchain e.g. Jenkins, Bitbucket, GitHub, Jira, Datadog, SonarQube and many more.
  • Drive process improvements and collaboration using VSM insights for value-added and non-value-added activities.
  • Enforce DevSecOps best practices and discipline across the team by using templates and standards.
  • Continuous risk assessment, monitoring, and visibility with AIOps intelligence.
  • Self-service DevSecOps pipelines with approvals for required security controls.

A Platform with numerous capabilities and infinite possibilities


Integrated Digital Ecosystem

Bring your technology, toolchain, stakeholders, and enterprise systems together under one roof to drive digital innovation.

Accelerate Digital Innovation@2x a

Accelerate Digital Innovation

Fuel your productivity and maximize your ROI with the fully-managed platform with technologies of your choice.

Foster Enterprise Collaboration@2x a

Foster Enterprise Collaboration

Leverage true collaboration between business and technology teams. Remove complexities to deliver digital and data products.

Enhance Developer Experience@2x a

Enhance Developer Experience

Automate non-value added chores so your developers can focus on core activities: design, code, debug, and deploy.

Establish Product Orientation@2x a

Establish Product Orientation

Future-proof your technology landscape. Adopt best practices, processes, and systems to help you build products that scale.

Executive Insights and Centralized Governance@2x a

Executive Insights and Governance

Insightful dashboards across portfolios, products, teams, and financial metrics to drive improvements.

One Platform-Multiple Stakeholders

A unified platform with intuitive dashboards that benefit multiple stakeholders -Executives, Product Owners, Platform Admins, Architects, and Developers.
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Best-of-breed technologies out-of-the-box

Out-of-the-box integration with 100+ best-in-breed technologies of your choice.

Security at the core of everything you do

From authentication to integrated DevSecOps, security is infused into the entire development lifecycle. Read more…


Gain industry-leading research and insights through datasheets, whitepapers, articles, blogs and more.
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